Friday, March 22, 2013

My FAVORITE Amway Products =)

I know it has been about a month since I have posted anything and I am sorry about that. I am an epileptic and sadly I have been going threw some medication changes FOR THE BETTER =) So please don't worry I am doing Much Much better. =) Yet another reason I LOVE LTD (Leadership Team Development) and Amway. Even with all of my Medical Issues I can still build a business from the comfort of my home and the comfort or sort of comfort of the hospital.

Today I feel like talking about some of my favorite Amway Products and WHY they are my favorite.

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Amway Product line are the RIBBON GIFT ALBUMS!!!!!!!!!!!! I come from a family of 6. Me my three younger brothers my mother and my father. Now my family is a lot larger, my parents are devorced and my father is re-married and his wife has a daughter as well as a step daughter from another marrage. so in total on my side of the family I have 5 siblings and three parents. And then on my husbands side he is one of 7 kids, 6 boys and one girl. so that is six gifts every year. Each of his siblings are married and three of his siblings have children so that is a LOT of people to get gifts for every year. His mother passed away five years ago so it is only his father. Not to mention his only living grandmother, my two grandmothers and one grandfather. so in TOTAL EVERY CHRISTMAS THAT IS 19 family's that we need to shop for. if we counted out and got a gift for every single person that would be a LOT of people so we get each family a gift.

With the Ribbon Gift albums they have a WIDE range of prices from 30.00$ to 1000.00$. We usually go with the 30.00$ Gift Album or the Variety Album For the price of 4 Albums you get 5 so that cuts the cost down a LOT and each family can choose a gift out of the album that suits them best. So that we are not WASTING money on things that they don't need.

My husband and I recently got married on July 20th, 2012 and I can't tell you how EXCITED I was that I was given one of the I DO Ribbon Gift Albums!!!!! In there we needed so many things! The Album it's self is 75.00$  But in side we got to choose one of the Items that WE needed and As it turns out no one had gotten us Dishes at all, Inside of the ID album there is a set of 
Gibson® Dinnerware That are VERY VERY VERY High Quality Dinnerware and I couldn't be more Proud of the Dishes I have.
I can't wait until we are ready to have Children so that we can get some of the Arrival Ribbon Albums!!!!! They are only 50.00$ and one of the Items in side of it that the Gift Receiver can choose is a Stroller, or a Bottle Warmer. Both if purchased in a store cost WAY more than 50.00$ 

We Even have a Ribbon Gift Album called The Delicious Gift Card that you can choose real MIDWEST KOBE BEEF STAKES!!!!!!! THE BEST STAKE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! How is that for your next Barbeque? 


I would say that my next favorite Product line would be the Legacy of Clean Laundry detergent Cleaning Line!
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as Mormon) and as such I have cretin clothing that I use that are white. and I have never had a laundry detergent keep my clothing as white as Legacy of Clean does. I LOVE the Legacy of Clean Pre Wash spray!!!!!!

I use it before I put any of my Whites in the washer then I use the Liquid Legacy of Clean SA8 Laundry Soap. and the Legacy of Clean Fabric softener. My Whites are as white as they were the day I opened them. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what more to say on that topic! WHITE IS WHITE =) You can't beet White 

And my Third Favorite but not last would be ARTISTRY BALANCING FOUNDATION.
With the Artistry Line there is the Balancing Line and the Hydrating Line. Balancing is for people with Oily to normal skin and the Hydrating line is for people with dry to normal skin. I have oily skin. You can tell by what is called your T-ZONE. If in the middle of the day you feel that your nose and forehead and chin are a little more "shinny" that your cheeks you most likely have oily to normal skin if not then you most likely have normal to dry skin.
For me I have oily Skin so I use the Balancing Foundation. It helps to stop my skin from forming the Oil in the T-zone stoping zits from forming =) Who likes zits? I don't! It has SPF in it so it helps to slow the aging process and keep me looking younger longer =) and the color matches me amazingly!!!! 


"Satisfaction Guarantee Buy with the confidence of our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:
  • We stand behind our products with the Amway 180-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.†

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return them within 180 days of purchase for an exchange or refund of the product price and applicable tax.


†Specific limited guarantees apply to designated products. ATMOSPHERE®, iCook®, and eSpring® products must be returned within 120 days. Partner Store items must be returned to the Partner Store from which they were purchased. This satisfaction guarantee does not apply to IBO purchases for stock or inventory.

Some items such as computers, consumable food and beverage items, and over-the-counter drugs are non-returnable unless defective upon receipt."
That was taken Right off of the AMWAY Web Site =) 
~Diane Berardi


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