Thursday, October 9, 2014

Amway and the Holidays!

I again appoligise for taking so long to do another post. I had open brain surgery, Yes I am doing fine and YES I still got a check from Amway every month. There have been some comments about how much money you need to spend to do LTD and Amway, as well as the amount of money I have been getting each month.
I do not buy the LTD/Amway CD's or even attend the conferences. This last weekend there was a conference, but being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, AKA Mormon, we had General Conference. I found it more important to attend that for free. I understand that some people feel the need to go to the LTD/Amway Conferences but I my self do not. I have found that most everything you want to learn you can learn on the internet or threw your up-line. I do find the weekly meetings important when someone has intensest in joining Amway, but as I have also said in previous posts, I am not trying to grow my down-line. I would rather work on sales and consistency. This is not the "normal" practice of LTD or Amway, and yes I understand the more people in your down-line the more money you can make. I personally would rather work on constant sales before moving forward with "growing my business downward."

Now with my original thought process, Yes it is sad that it is only October but the Holidays are upon us! I know I have mentioned Ribbon before but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ribbon! It makes all of my Holiday Shopping so simple! For an Amway IBO, independent business owner, I can get 5 gifts for 100$ for a customer you can get 5 gifts for 120$ thats only 24$ per person and they get to pick what gift they way! I am referencing the Variety Ribbon Album. You can check out what gifts can be chosen at 
Ribbon is the simple way to give but not stress for the holidays! And with it being such a simple process, it opens up your time!!!!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions!