Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ScamWay vrs Amway with LTD (Leadership Team Development)

When I first got into Amway I can remember my father telling me, "Scam-Way have fun with that one" (or something along that line) so when looking into Amway a little further I found that a lot of people who were once part of Amway and who had never even been a part of Amway called it Scam-Way. So today I decided to express my experience between Amway and Scam-Way.

When reading threw what a lot of people have put about Scam-way I have found that the number one issue is that they feel it is a "Get Rich Quick," Pyramid business. With all of that being said I think it is best that I also get into the business team that I have worked with for All of my training and help to expand my business LTD or Leadership Team Development.

Considering the fact that when I was working at Denny's it was members of LTD who came in after there training meatings to hang out and evaluate what information was just given to them I feel it is best that I start there.

Per my first post I asked about what LTD was and what they did. After that I was invited to one of there meetings were it was explained the two ways that threw Amway you can make money.
1) Customers-- it is a business and as a business you need customers the more customers the more money you can make
2) Multi-level-Marketing-- This is were I find that most people have the biggest issues with Amway and the business teams they work with. They way that this works is just like a local franchised store. In my area there are many many Fast Food restaurants. If you look any one of them up you will find that the over all company has a President over All of that chain that you are looking up.
    --- But there are so many "owners" of Fast Food chains all over the world how is there only one person on top?
 That is an easy question: Someone started a business and others liked what they were doing and wanted to be a part of it so they purchased the chance to use that food chain's name and open there own business with the understanding that they would fallow the OVERALL company rules, colors, packaging, exc.... Some of those people opened up only one store and some have opened many, Some have opened a store in an area and then one of there friends have wanted to become part of there chain also so they go threw the same process. With this being said Amway's second way of making money is modled off of this.
The more people you help get into business the more money you will make and the more the person above you will make and so on and so on until you reach the start with Amway Corporation and there Presidents and stock holders.
I have also found that the thing that many many people who refer to Amway as Scam-way have a BIG issue with this part. They feel that because the more people you help it has become a Pyramid when in reality it is only franchising with individuals and not large buildings. 

I have also found that they feel that --'"They love people who are broke because they're weak," says Fort Worth resident Lori Mauldin, who had a brief but memorable experience with Amway during the past year. "They really prey on the desire of materialism. They constantly show the material gain and say, 'You can have this, too.' When you're recruiting people, they tell you to ask people what their dreams are. They love to find the people who want the Mercedes, the boats, the big houses. That's exactly what they're looking for."'

As far as the people that I know around me in my area I don't know of anyone who is "broke because they're week"  In Central Illinois were I live, within the business team of LTD there is a Doctor, a Self Business owner who's had there own business for years, prison guards, students in college/university's, and others. I don't know any Doctor, or a Prison guard who is "Broke because they're week."

Yes within every business there is talk about material gain and yes "YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO" IF YOU WORK HARD. Never at any one of an LTD meetings have I had anyone say that I got into this business because I wanted a Mercedes, a boat, a big house." Most of the conversations have to do with what do you want and if YOU are willing to work at your own business then We can help you and these are the possibilities.

I also found this when looking for why people are so upset with Amway, ""But why in the hell would someone consider taking a commissioned sales job where all kinds of phony numbers are thrown at you and you’re told about all the money you can expect to make in Amway? Ha! Yeah right! Especially since no one in our upline ever showed us a profit and loss statement, their income tax returns, or copies of monthly commission checks from Amway. Nobody had any proof of the fabulous income they were making in Amway.""

With LTD you can go online to youtube and there are video's of members cashing in there checks from Amway.
That one right there is a guy named Greg Francis from Chicago Illinois who I have met my self. Him and his wife Jackie are amazing people. What even put the prof online for the entire world to see. So don't tell me that no one has ever had any proof of the fabulous income from Amway. it is right there for you.

 I can't see if anyone were to ever ask how much money are you making by doing Amway and can I see the proof Anyone Ever saying, "NO." the point of a business is to make money and I can tell you I am excited when I do. That does not mean that I have gotten a check every month or that even some months it is a lot of money but I can tell you that the money that I have gotten is from the work that I have done. One month I was sent a check for 0.68$ and I just got in the mail the other day a check for 29.98$ The best part about the check that I just got.... I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO WORK ON MY BUSINESS IN MONTHS, THAT WAS ALL RESIDUAL INCOME ON WORK THAT I HAD ALREADY DONE.
I have needed to have Open Brain Surgery due to a car wreck I was in when I was in high school that has been causing me issues with seizures and such. With the Brain Surgery and recovery I have not been out looking for customers, or people to expand my franchise with in months. But the customers that I already have because of work that I have already done are still ordering products.


There is a man in a near bye town who joined Amway and LTD the same time I did. When he was 21 and his now wife was 18. Because of the hard work he has done he is now retired and so is she, he is 24 and she is 22. When we talk about being "free" it is not free to stop working the business but rather free to pick what you are going to do that day. It is free from worry about your boss and the stress of the possibilities to get fired. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email,  Look around at the products before you decide Amway or Scam-way.



  1. Wow some ppl are trully shallow minded, I use amway products, have done since i had my cloth nappies washed in them and now i understand where the money comes from how could i not become involved, It simple, its recuring and its fast moving consumables, has no Majour Over Heads no matter how big or small the business gets, and u actually make the colective of your customers more money than you, (ie for me to get $150 i have to help 2 ppl make $80 and 10 ppl make $20) of couse i have rounded these figures off but get the idea. you can be a sceptic or an investor, you decide we dont care we are not looking for the angry ppl we are looking forn the ppl who are looking for us simple.

  2. I totally agree!!! I am so happy I found Amway not only for the money that I make but also for the friendships I have gained along the way.

  3. Please..................the products suck............nobody but fools want to use them. The key to Amway is getting other people to use the products and they get others to use the product. Nobody who isn't Amway uses Amway. Just go to one of their propaganda meetings and look how disgruntled the "EMERALDS" are. Most of the "DIAMONDS" don't have elaborate homes. Anybody could have bought a home in Temecula, they are not anything special. The videos show these people driving high end cars...........I know where to rent a car, I don't need to be a Diamond to do it. Bottom line: get an education, find a job that makes you happy, and you will be richer than all of these folks.

    1. Actually, you might want to keep in mind that in this economy, there are more people with college degrees working fast-food and retail jobs than ever before. A college degree is not a guarantee that it used to be. So, sure, go rent your car, and you'll be out that money, where-as when you are paid in residuals, that is money that is given to you for work you did 2 months, 5 months, 5 years ago.... and you don't need a degree for that.

      P.S. You don't have to have an elaborate home to be wealthy.... nor do you need a fancy car, but to put your children in private school to provide a better education, to pay my mother's doctor bills, to pay take care of the needs of others I care about, I don't need to be flashy for that. Not all people value the flash, but what would you use the money for if you had it, that's the real question.

  4. Thank you for sharing this Diane! I totally agree with everything you said. I have been partnered with LTD for about 6 months now and this has been a serious gamechanger for me. A little history about myself... I enlisted in the USAF and served as Military Police for 6 years (literally traveled the world and seen it all), got married to another Airman and had a son who is now about to turn 4, Went to massage school and was a licensed massage therapist (got an injury so that put me out of that job) and now I am currently selling cars at Lexus. There were many side jobs that I did in between other jobs... but that was just it.. A JOB! Trading my precious time in for someone else's dollar. Precious time that I had to sacrifice watching my son take his first step, speaking his first word, saying his first 'I love you' for a stinkin job that couldn't even pay me enough to pay the bills. As soon as this business opportunity was presented to me, I didnt even think twice. My whole team is so supportive and does nothing but build me up.. even on days that i feel like giving up on everything. Life is tough. We just have to decide what we are going to do to make a difference in this world and how we can lead others to do the same. I totally recommend listening to Robert Kiyosaki's 'Business of the 21st Century'. Than you can decide what path you want to choose. YOU DECIDE! The beauty about being an American and living in this wonderful country of Oppurtunity and Grace!! I'm out!


    1. Well Audrey it's going into 2017. Are u still w Amway. Let me know. Mick@ohioland4u.com

    2. Well Audrey it's going into 2017. Are u still w Amway. Let me know. Mick@ohioland4u.com

  5. If amway isn't for you that's fine if you disagree with the business model that's fine to. I enjoy my time in anyway I've developed a lot financially I've made friends I budget my money better I actually like the products. There's no need to slander a name it does work for some people and some people fail it's usually those that treat it like a job and not a business that don't succeed. You have to invest time and learn the trait of selling I hate that people continually slander the name of LTD and amway it works for a lot of us and it's ridiculous to call it a scam when it works! Sorry you had a bad experience but more than likely you either had terrible mentors or didn't put in the work much love Anthony

  6. Replies
    1. The key is this... don't mistake reading books, listening to CDs, going to open meetings and conferences, counseling with your upline... don't mistake these things for "building the business". Doing these things are designed to build you, and are preparation for building the business. You won't make any money from doing these things, but you will spend it. And that's totally fine, as long you understand it. Eventually, to make money in this thing, you're going to have to sell some stuff, you're going to have to share the business with others, you're going to have to help others build it, you're going to have to be a promoter, an organizer and a leader. It's a simple business concept that takes a lot of effort to execute. You won't hear anyone on stage at a function say they're doing it in their spare time, they'll all say they're spending 6-7 nights a week in their business. This is a real, legit opportunity and business model, but it's entirely up to you to make it work. If it's not something you're passionate about doing, don't do it. Also, be advised that LTD is as much a ministry of Christ as a business group. You're going to be around a lot of evangelical conservatism. I'm not trying to imply that's a bad thing, but some people certainly would see it as such. Best of luck!

  7. Lets take advice from the person that doesn't know the difference between their/there or through/threw. I stopped reading after that. Amway is aimed towards housewives and mindless sheep that need someone to tell them what to do and what products to consume.

    1. Never been in a rush to type something? Are you saying that if a millionaire sent you a letter with the word "hello" misspelled as "helo" they would loose all credibility? That if you aren't grammatically correct 100% of the time you're automatically an ideot, especially if you're looked upon as someone with knowledge? In your own contradicting logic we shouldn't listen to you, your misuse of punctuation resulting in sentence fragments and lack of sited recourses discredits you, correct? Are you implying that if an individual who has developed thier mindset to parallel the greats; Henry Ford, Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, Bill gates, ect. and has seen success because of it uses some of the highest rated products around the world they are mindless sheep? If you could please answer those questions to yourself, to then reevaluate your statement, I'd love to hear your response.

    2. Ah, it appears I've made a punctuation mistake; where I typed "...because of it uses some of the..." I should have placed a comma between "it" And "uses" There are, I believe, two more grammatical errors. However, I don't believe they need to be specified, considering just the one has apperently deemed me as an unintelligible fool.

    3. This so called scam is in over 100 countries, and with someone joining every day, with the audience of independent business owners being doctors, engineers, police officers, men and women who were or are in the military and more, I would simply and politely ask "Anonymous" to be open to the perspective that it is 2018 and this business model has been taken to court and is a legal, moral, and ethical stand on the founding freedom that America stands for. Living for Friday is simply not the 21st century and millennial way of thinking. I want to ask you, if you even know what the men and women in Amway have done before joining? Many men and women are already successful and have had multiple degrees. The difference is time is seen as a variable to change and "every" person who I talked to has made a distinct point to the amount of effort needed to become successful. If you want to get mad at a business model, start focusing on every business model and not just one you were unable to appreciate.